1. The ceremony Briefing


We and our local partner, 3D Hitech Systems Ltd., signed the MOU with Ajaokuta Steel Company Ltd (ASCL) for the repair, maintenance, operation and management of its 110MW thermal power plant on May 2nd 2014.

This Thermal Power Plant is a captive gas fired power plant of 110 MW, which was built in 1982 by the USSR. It generates power for both the operation of the Steel Plant and the National Grid. The steel plant consumes 20%, while the balance of 80% is exported to the national grid.

However, it shut down totally in 2007 because of poor management and short of maintenance. Now the Honorable Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Arc. Musa Muhammad Sada invites our company and our local partner 3D Hitech Systems Ltd. to upgrade this power plant, which is part of the Nations Industrial Revolution Plan which launched by Mr. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

The Ajaokuta Steel Plant industry area reaches to 2400 hectares, which is the second biggest in the world after Russia, while the power plant reaches 800 hectares. The steel plant was envisaged to be developed in three phases. The First phase is to produce 1.3 million tones steel per annum with an in-built capacity for expansion to 2.6 million tones per annum in the second stage and 5.2 million tones per annum in the third.

The construction and erection works on the first phase of the Steel Plant began in 1979. By 1994, the works were reckoned to be at 98% completion in terms of equipment erected. Ajaokuta Steel Plant is therefore aptly tagged as the “Bedrock of Nigeria’s industrialization”.

In this project, the Ukraine engineer group (the formal Contractor) and our Chinese engineers will be working together to complete the maintenance and commissioning. According to the plan, the First Phase of the project can reach up to the generation of 100MW, while The Second Phase of the project can reach 600MW. 


2. Inspection of Ajaokuta Power Plant




 The square in front of the Administration and Welfare

                         Building of ASCL                                                                                      The turbine house         


 The natural gas tanks outside the turbine house              

 Mr. Charles Liu in the turbine house



        The pipes inside the turbine house                  

 The internal situation of the turbine house


The Generator No.1 of 55MW capacity.                             The Generator No.2 of 55MW capacity


                                  The Control room                                 

  Mr. Charles Liu in the Control room


 The boiler house          

 The tag on the air tank



            Gas supplying pipelines         

 The outside of the turbine house



      Charles Liu, ED of Mutual Commitment Ltd. & the Sole Administrator of ASCL &

     The Managing Director of 3D-Hitech Systems Ltd, Mr Patrick Azi with other staffs


3. Inspection of Ajaokuta Steel Plant


The Ajaokuta Iron & Steel Plant is based on the conventional Blast Furnace – Basic Oxygen Furnace (BF-BOF) production process with a capacity of 1.3 million tons/year of long products, using the local iron ore, and imported coking coal.

The blast furnace process makes it possible for ASCL to use local iron ore, limestone and dolomite, whose deposits are all by an act of providence located within less than 100km from the steel plant. This fact is one of the techno-economic factors that justified the location of the plant. The development of the various mines and infrastructural facilities to supply these raw materials to the plant adds a further vertical integration. Furthermore, the use of a Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) minimizes the demand load on the National Electric Power grid, in contrast to the Electric Arc Furnace practices.

The Ajaokuta integrated steel complex was conceived and steadily developed with the vision of erecting a Metallurgical Process Plant cum Engineering Complex with other auxiliaries and facilities. The complex is meant to be used to generate important upstream and downstream industrial and economic activities that are critical to the diversification of our economy into an industrial one. Ajaokuta Steel Plant is therefore aptly tagged as the “Bedrock of Nigeria’s industrialization”.

The project would directly employ about 10,000 staff at the first phase of commissioning; the upstream and downstream industries that will evolve all over the nation will engage not less than 500,000 employees. The plant was designed to produce 1.3 million tones of liquid steel per annum in phase one, with the plan to increase this capacity to 2.6 million tones in phase 2 and 5.2 million tones in phase 3 in a mode of continuous expansion. The plant also has the capability to produce long and flat products, rails, with the final phase intended to include various types of finished and semi-finished steel products, including heavy plates and sections.


 Mr. Charles Liu,ED of Mutual Commitment Ltd. & Mr. Abdullah Asso, Director of Steel

Representing the Honorable Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Arc. Musa Muhammad Sada


 Speaks from the Minstry of

Mines  and Steel Development  

 Mr.Charles Liu and Mr.

Tony in the conference site


                    Iron ore storage                             

  The conveyor connect to the Coke Plant


Coke Plant                                                             Iron ore conveyor


Steel Billet Storage House                                The stack in sintering process



Oxygen Plant                                                   Iron ore conveyor


 Air Process Centre Part 1                                 Air Process Centre Part 2


Lime Plant                                           The stack for lime plant



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